Park Rules

Be safe 

All guests are expected to behave safely and appropriately, ensuring everyone has a safe and fun time at Milan Beach. Enter the park and swim at your own risk. There are No Lifeguards on duty at Milan Beach.


prohibited items

  • No glass containers of any type (Seriously, no glass! One broken bottle in the sand can seriously hurt someone)
  • No pets (service animals are allowed if proper documentation is provided)
  • No kegs
  • No powered equipment (this includes drones, boats, remote-controlled toys, etc.)

This list is not exclusive and park staff has the right to prohibit items not on this list if they believe they pose a danger to other guests' safety or enjoyment of the park.



  • No diving, the water is very shallow and it's easy to get hurt
  • No fighting, any altercations will be grounds for removal from the park
  • No rough behavior on the rafts or diving board.
  • No throwing sand, dirt, rocks, etc.
  • Anyone overly intoxicated (as determined by staff) will be asked to leave the park
  • Please show restraint with profanity and alcohol, this is a family park after all
  • Dispose of coals, ashes, and cigarette butts in the appropriate receptacles. If you have hot coals from a grill that you need to dispose of, simply alert a staff member and they will take care of it for you. 
  • Any minors caught consuming alcohol on the property will be asked to leave, and any adults providing alcohol to minors will be barred for life.


Misbehaving individuals may be prosecuted and barred for life. There are no refunds if you are asked to leave the park for any misbehavior. Serious offences may be prosecuted at the Monroe Courthouse and barred for life (no exceptions). We want to create a safe, family-friendly place at Milan Beach, that is our bottom line.